Recycling, Trash & Garbage Disposal in Penticton Philosophy

Our city of Penticton and surrounding areas including Summerland, Okanagan Falls and Naramata are very limited when it comes to available land. It is our responsibility as members of the Okanagan Penticton community to do our part by transporting garbage and trash recyclables to the proper depots to extend the life and capacity of the Campbell Mountain Sanitary Landfill seen in the photo below.

Penticton recycling, trash & garbage disposal services for Summerland, Penticton, Okanagan Falls & Naramata

Penticton Trash, Recycling & Garbage Disposal takes away:

Recycling, Garbage & Trash Disposal services for Penticton, Okanagan Falls, Summerland & Naramata
  • Metals

  • Wood

  • Plastics

  • Appliances

  • Sod

All materials will be sorted by Penticton Garbage, Recycling & Trash Disposal and then dropped off at the specified Penticton recycling depots.

A Story from the Penticton Recycling, Trash & Garbage Disposal - Owner

We provide Recycling, Trash & Garbage Disposal services for Penticton and the surrounding area including Summerland, Okanagan Falls & Naramata

A customer living close by to Penticton called to assess his property's condition. He had a bad renter who left the interior / exterior in total disrepair with garbage, trash and recyclables everywhere. The exterior had grass four feet high with autoparts, recyclables, garbage and trash scattered everywhere. The inside was filled with a lot of household items and was very dirty. He thought the house was so bad that he just wanted to tear it down and sell the lot. We convinced him to let us come in and clean up the entire property by removing recyclables and disposing of trash and garbage. It took two days of sorting recyclables in which we were able to donate a lot of items to local Penticton charities and the owner was so thankful. The Penticton property looked so good free of garbage and trash, that he sold it for a substanial gain the next week.

Penticton, Summerland, Okanagan Falls & Naramata Recycling posseses:

  1. Ten years experience of Penticton Trash, Recycling and Garbage Disposal "take away."
  2. One of the largest trailers in the community - so no Disposal, Trash, Recycling and Garbage pickup is too big.
    We can handle it!
  3. Expertise with handling estate properties where we are required to disperse of all remaining household and personal belongings of the deceased who resided in Penticton, Okanagan Falls or Naramata. Penticton Garbage, Recycling and Trash Disposal also takes care of foreclosures for banks and property managers where we are responsible for dispensing of any remaining items.

If you want to talk "trash" give Penticton Recycling & Garbage Disposal a call at (250) 462-0923